About Chef 24-7

The Ultimate 24-hour, 7 days-a-week Gourmet Market installed in your workplace.

Our revolutionary, first of a kind culinary markets are aesthetically designed for your setting and will immediately give your workplace an exciting new vibe! The Chef 24-7 Gourmet Market enables employees and guests to remain on site while enjoying a deliciously fresh and healthy meal.

The advanced technology self-checkout kiosk enables employees to grab what they want, when they want it and simply scan their thumbprint to check out! Catering orders, customer orders, Consumer ChefBank™ balances and customer feedback are all enabled within the Self-Checkout Kiosk!


Powerful & Unique Attributes

Large Assortment of Food, Snacks and Beverages!

Extensive Chef-Prepared Menu
From our local kitchens direct to your market.
If it were any fresher or delicious, you’d be tipping your waiter!

Employee-Driven Selection

We analyze your employees’ tastes and preferences, then design a Customized Market
Employees use the kiosk, email, or their smart phone app to tell us what they want. They improve the choices and make the market better!

Technology Makes it Smart

Pay for items with your thumbprint & receipts are emailed
Smartphone app to scan items for recommendation into your market
ChefBank™ Credits issued by HR for Rewards & Recognition