The Benefits of installing a Chef 24-7 Gourmet Workplace Market

  • Your Admin/ HR staff can donate dollars into each users ChefBank account as rewards and recognition
  • Eliminate the confusion, theft and chaos associated with daily take-out delivery associates roaming about your facility
  • Order online. Catering is easily ordered when your staff logs onto Chef 24-7 and makes their selections.  Our normal daily fulfillment delivers the orders.
  • Chef TV 42”+ monitors located within the markets display your corporate messages, recognize rewarded employees and provide cooking/ healthy tips.
  • Chef Tasting Day is a regular occurrence at your Culinary Market.  Expands the palates, gathers staff input and creates excitement!


More than a Gourmet Workplace Market…
Chef 24-7 will immediately impact your workplace!

      • Eliminates Cafeteria Operating Expenses and Subsidies
      • Increases Workplace Productivity
      • Improves Job Satisfaction
      • Promotes & Supports Wellness
      • Attracts & Retains More Employees, Tenants and Visitors

Amazing Employee Experience!

  • Our revolutionary, first of a kind Gourmet Workplace Markets are aesthetically designed for your setting and will immediately give your workplace an exciting new feel!
  • Each market menu is custom designed for your employees’ tastes and preferences.
  • Employees improve the market by using website, email, or their smart phone app to tell us what they want.
  • Employees purchase what they want, when they want it and simply scan their thumbprint to check out!
  • Extensive Chef-Prepared menu
  • From our local kitchens direct to your market.
  • If it were any fresher or delicious, you’d be tipping your waiter!
  • We control purchasing, production, delivery, cleaning, food safety, inventory and technology
  • Pay for items with your thumbprint & receipts are emailed
  • Self check out kiosk learns what our customers want and improves the store
  • Smartphone app to scan items for recommendation into your market
  • ChefBank™ Credits issued by HR for Rewards & Recognition
  • Increase Your Productivity
  • Find Healthly Choices
  • 24-7 Convenience
  • Improve Work / Life Balance